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Property Manager
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Point of Sale
iGEMS Mobile
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iGEMS is very cost effective and competitively priced.

NO setup fee  •  NO OTA connection fees  •  NO upgrade charges  •  NO hidden costs

iGEMS Reservations
Reservation Management

Each property of up to
5 rooms/units:
Rand 250.00 per month.

Each additional room/unit:
Rand 35.00 per month

iGEMS Mobile
Mobile Smartphone Access

Access all your reservations and availability from mobile devices, anytime from anywhere:

Rand 85.00 per month.

iGEMS Reviews
Guest Review Management

Let your guests review your property and show them on your website.

Rand 40.00 per month.

iGEMS Payroll
Staff Payroll Module

Record staff wages, produce payslips and manage UIF and annual leave.

Rand 170.00 per month.