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Introducing iGEMS

iGEMS is an integrated online Property Management System and Channel Manager designed for managing your accommodation, as the proprietor of a guest house, bed and breakfast, hotel, self-catering apartment or other form of holiday accommodation.

With iGEMS you manage all your bookings as you wish, accessing the system from any device connected to the internet.




Property Manager

Manage your bookings and quotes, accounts and invoices using the online iGEMS Property Manager. With no software to install, iGEMS can be used from any computer, tablet or mobile smartphone connected to the internet.

Channel Manager

Fully connect with Booking.com, Expedia and Agoda to seamlessly exchanged room and rate inventory as well and received bookings from connected booking platforms. Import calendars from other sources such as Airbnb, Afristay, HomeAway, Safari Now and Travelground.

iGEMS Mobile App

Install the iGEMS Mobile app on your Apple or Android smartphone and manage all your bookings and inventory while on the go.

Direct Booking Engine

iGEMS gives your property a booking page from which bookers can book directly with you.


iGEMS Payroll allows you to manage the payroll of your business.

Point of Sale

iGEMS provides properties with a straight-forward, easy-to-use Point of Sale system.

Property Manager

Control the availability of rooms through the built-in easy-to-use calendar. Drag and drop bookings around the calendar and enable access to reservation forms and invoices with a single click.

Quickly create quotes, provisional bookings and confirmed reservations or allow waiting-list bookings while a room becomes available.

Regardless of your email platform, send emails directly to your guests from within the iGEMS system. Email them links, pdf forms and invoices as needed, as well as responding to messages, queries and requests sent by your guests at the time of booking.

Use our comprehensive suite of reports to manage and empower your business.

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Automated Emails

iGEMS will automatically issue emails for Expired Provisional Bookings and Quotes, Estimated Time of Arrivals, imminent Deposits and Balances, guest check out and Welcome letters.

Credit Card Transactions

Use iGEMS to process your credit card transactions. Use it on demand with no monthly fee and choose a transaction type of Card Not Prsent or Cardholder Authorisation.

Payment Gateways

Let your bookers pay you via Paypal and Payfast.

Petty Cash

Maintain and manage your cash with iGEMS with the Petty Cash account. Reconcile the account to monitor your cash receipts and expenses.

Cancellation Manager

Track and manage cancelled bookings and associated cancel fees. Don't miss out on what's owed you from cancelled bookings.

Virtual Credit Cards

Monitor payments due from Virtual Credit Cards. Use iGEMS to tell you when you can process payments for virtual credit cards.

Report Suite

Produce Booking Summary and revenue reports, download statements for Pastel and analyse occupancy. Use iGEMS to compare future occupancy with historical occupancy on any given date.

Comprehensive Auditing

iGEMS records the changes made to bookings. You can see historical details of a booking and subsequent changes to it. If a user changes something in a booking, you can see what it was before.

Create Bookings and Quotes

Quickly create confirmed, provisional and wait listed bookings as well as quotes.

Occupancy Analysis

Analyse historical occupancy, comparing future occupancy with previous years, at the same stage of the year.

Drag and Drop Calendar

Drag bookings around the calendar and simply drop them in the days you want. Drag arrival and departure dates to the days you want, automatically updating connected booking channels.

Forms and Invoices

Create customisable Reservation Forms, Invoices, Arrival and Welcome Letters, and issue them as PDF's of by emails links.'

Comprehensive Invoicing

Create pro forma and tax invoices, including VAT inclusive details and split invoicing.

Multiple Properties

Manage more than one property in one iGEMS system - all under one log in. View a combined calendar for all your properties, or segregate access according to staff requirements.

User and Staff Roles

Grant or prevent access to areas of iGEMS according to the role of the staff accessing the system.

iGEMS Mobile App

Install the iGEMS Mobile app on your Apple or Android smartphone, and manage your bookings, availability and rates from wherever you go.

The interactive calendar lets you drag and drop bookings, add new bookings and blocks, and open existing bookings.

Manage reservation accounts, add statement entries and charge expenses. Email Reservation Forms and Invoices from your smartphone.

Set rates and restrictions while on the move and view occupancy statistics at the tap of a date.

The app supports light and dark modes to suit you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Channel Manager

Fully-integrated Channel Manager, seamlessly connected to Online Travel Agents, providing them with your up-to-date rates and availability. Connected Online Travel Agents can instantly:

  • Book a room
  • Modify or cancel a booking
  • View updated room levels

iGEMS connects to....

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Hotels.com
  • Trivago
  • Venere
  • Airbnb
  • Safari Now
  • HomeAway
  • Afristay
  • Travelground
  • Other online booking sites that adhere to the standard iCAL event calendar format

No connections fees. No set up fees.


Booking Engine - Direct Bookings

iGEMS gives your property a booking page from which bookers can book directly with you.

A smooth and easy to use booking processes shows to the booker availability and lets them quickly choose their rooms, specify the guests, add extras and choose how to pay.

Encourage more direct bookings without paying commission fees.

iGEMS provides you with a comprehensive range of promotions which can be quickly created and applied to your direct booking page. Apply a simple Discount to bookings. Entice your bookers with Early Bird promotions, and fill those gaps with Last Miniute promotions. Encourage longer stays by offering a Free Night promotion or with the Accumulator promotion giving the booker a greater discount the longer they stay.

Bookers can pay via Paypal or integrate your own e-commerce payment methods.

Through a smooth, easy-to-use booking process they can quickly choose their rooms, specifying the number of visitors, adding extras and choosing how to pay.

iGEMS provides a comprehensive range of promotions which can be quickly created and applied to your direct booking page. These include:

Integrate your own e-commerce payment methods or allow customers to pay via Paypal

No additional fees. This feature is included with the Property Management System.

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Dedicated Rate Plans

Apply dedicated rate plans, specific to what you want to directly charge bookers.

Apply Booking Restrictions

Set restrictions to completely control what can be booked. Set min and max length of stay. Prevent arrival and departure on specific days. Define earliest and latest booking dates.


Apply basic deals, length of stay discounts, early and last minute booker incentives according to the length of stay.

Calendar View

Encourage your bookers to be flexible with their dates and permit your bookers to see your calendar of availability (optional).

Computer and Mobile

The responsively designed Direct Booking page allows the booker to easily book from whatever device they choose - desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile smartphones.

Point of Sale

iGEMS provides properties with a straight-forward, easy-to-use Point of Sale system.

iGEMS Point of Sale is aimed at properties that provide a bar or restaurant and who need a quick and simple way to record orders and produce receipts.

When used with iGEMS PMS, 'tables' can be opened using the booking of resident guests, as well as being able to add POS receipts to the room account of resident guests.

iGEMS POS can be used as a standalone system without the need for iGEMS PMS, or fully integrated with iGEMS PMS.

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Resident and Non-resident Guests

Create a virtual bar-tab for a resident guest, or non-resident patrons.

Add Expenses

Add sales or expenses to open bar-tabs by selecting expense items and quantity.


Add the receipt to a resident guest’s booking or print or email the receipt to the customer.


Create food and drink 'recipes' from 'ingredients' to easily add them to bills, automatically adjusting ingredient stock levels.

No Hardware Required

No dedicated POS hardware is required. Use from your networked computers and tablets.

Tablet Devices

Designed to work on a tablet device, perfect for restaurant and bar areas.


iGEMS Payroll allows you to manage the payroll of your business.

Payroll let's you quickly create employee wage slips and produce reports for UIF and PAYE contributions.

Use the drag and drop calendar to organise staff paid leave, unpaid leave, sick leave and compassionate leave.

You can easily manage employee disciplinary records and annual leave.

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Bantry Retreat


Bantry Retreat
Bantry Bay, Cape Town

I started my boutique guest house in 2018 and after a bumpy start, I found iGEMS and switched to their management system.

What a revolution. The program is super simple to use but don’t let that fool you. The information that you get out of the program assists you in running your guest house in the most sophisticated fashion with documents reports and all the extra trimmings that took me completely by surprise.

We could not offer the service and commitment that we do without iGEMS

Boutique @ 10


Boutique @ 10
Camps Bay, Cape Town

"By using iGEMS we have been able to streamline our admin, allowing us more time to spend with our valued guests, which is exactly what a successful guest house is defined by; the personal touch by the owners."

Bayview Penthouses


Bayview Penthouses
Camps Bay, Cape Town

"It is exactly what the guest house industry needs."

"I am convinced that iGems is the best software of it's kind in the market."



Monthly Fee
ZAR 380.00 per property for up to 5 units.
Additional units ZAR 38.00 each.
Fees can be negotiated for large properties.


There are no additional fees when used with iGEMS PMS.
When not used with iGEMS PMS, there is a monthly fee of ZAR 300.


Monthly Fee
ZAR 200.00 per property.


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